For the third consecutive year and in order to achieve the best aesthetic and artistic approach n the swine sector, Magapor and the Professorship of the University of Zaragoza organized their photo contest “Just for Pigs” under the theme “SWINE PRODUCTION”.

Once the period for the admission had finished, according to the rules, on the 20th of December the members of the jury met and selected the following photos:

Professional Category:

  • Winner: Alejandro José Pernía – PHOTO: ” Chacaras “
  • 1st Finalist: Alfonso Ferrer – PHOTO: “Happy pig”
  • 2nd Finalist: José Reyes – PHOTO: “The pond of the pigs”

finalistas concurso Magapor

The prize in the category of students has been declared null and void.

We are convinced that this contest may have a long life ahead and we hope that it can become one of the most prestigious photo awards in the swine sector.

Congratulations to the winner and thank you very much to the rest of the contestants !!!