On December 11, the annual gala of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (fedme) took place in Madrid at the Olympic Committee headquarters. During this gala it was officially announced that María Laborda, the young climber from Ejea de los Caballeros, was one of the two athletes awarded with the Podium Award.

The Podium Awards are a program to support young promises of Spanish Olympic sport, developed by Telefónica in collaboration with the COE. Since 2014 the program works to give visibility and support to 88 athletes from 31 different disciplines, including winter and summer sports. This good news is added to the award of a sponsorship from the Superior Council of Sports to integrate the next course and continue preparing at the CAR (high performance center) of San Cugat.

Have you still not seen our interview with María Laborda? Thanks to the recent sponsorship of Magapor we were able to talk to her and we recorded this interview. Play it!