At MAGAPOR, S.L. we have reviewed our Privacy Policy to adapt it to the requirements of the new European Data Protection Regulation, applicable since 25 May 2018. From our group, we want to communicate these changes with a clear and simple language so that you understand them, and know who we are and what we do with your personal data.

1. RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TREATMENT: Who is responsible for your data?

The Responsible for the treatment of your data is MAGAPOR, S.L.

We refer to ourselves as MAGAPOR, S.L. and we are responsible for the data that the different groups of interested parties provide us for processing. You can contact us through the following ways:

  • Adress: Parque Científico Tecnológico Agroalimentrario ” Valdeferrin”, Calle 5, 50.600. Ejea de los Caballeros.
  • Telephone number: 976 662914
  • Email:

2. PURPOSE OF PROCESSING: What do we use your data for?

At MAGAPOR, S.L. we process the data of our interested parties for various purposes. Depending on whether you are a customer, employee, candidate, supplier, or you have simply contacted us, we process your data in one way or another:

If you are a client, we use your data for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with our integral service consisting of the design, development, manufacture and distribution of technology for artificial insemination in swine.
  • To keep in touch with you.
  • Inform you about our services

If you have sent us your cv, we consider you a candidate, and we process your data for the following purposes:

  • Manage your application, trying to find a place in our company where you can fit.

If you are an independent professional who provides us with a service, we consider you a supplier, and we process your data for the following purposes:

  • To manage our business relationship, facilitating as far as possible the provision of the contracted service.

If you have simply contacted us requesting information of any kind, we still consider you one of our interested parties, and we process your data for the following purposes:

  • To maintain contact and to send you the information you have requested.

In addition, at MAGAPOR, S.L. we like to do things right, and that is why we use your data to comply with any legal requirement.

CONSERVATION PERIOD: How long do we keep your data?

At MAGAPOR, S.L. we only want data from those interested parties with whom we have a relationship. Therefore, we keep your data as long as it is necessary for the provision of our service or for the time required by law. After this reasonable period of time, we delete them.

Likewise, we delete the data of those interested parties who have contacted us to terminate their relationship and request us to proceed to the deletion of their data, provided that there is no legal obligation to keep them and any possible legal actions have expired.

CATEGORIES OF DATA PROCESSED: What type of data do we process?

Depending on the purpose for which you have contacted us, we need to collect some data or others.

  • In order to maintain contact, we need you to provide us with: name and surname, telephone number, e-mail, address.
  • To manage your application, we need you to send us an updated resume, containing: academic and professional information, including qualifications and experience.
  • For the issuance of invoices: NAME, ID, ADDRESS.
  • To provide the service: data necessary for the contracting of services.

OBLIGATORY: What happens if you do not provide us with your data?

Depending on the reason why you have contacted us, we need you to provide us with some or other data. Thus, if you do not provide us with the information we ask you for, we will not be able to process it, either to contact you or to take out a policy.

3. LEGITIMACY: Why can we process your data?

Our legitimacy to process your data is based on different grounds, depending on the processing and the type of data subject you are.

The main legitimate bases for our processing are the following:

  • Legitimate interest. Among others, the management of our customer portfolio or the management of candidate selection processes.
  • Execution of a contract. For example, distribution of technology for artificial insemination in swine.
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations. Fulfillment of the applicable legislation in the matter of contracting.
  • Express consent. Whenever the processing is not based on any of the above bases, we seek the express consent of the data subject. For example, for processing for commercial and advertising purposes.

4. RECIPIENTS: To whom do we give your data?

We give your data to other companies with which, not belonging to our group, we work together to give you a better service. Some of these companies are:

  • Providers of professional services, when necessary for the fulfillment of the services or obligations that we undertake to fulfill.

In addition, as we like to do things well, we transfer your data whenever legally required to do so. These requirements refer to various public entities, such as:

  • Public Administrations,
  • The State Security Forces and Corps.
  • Public or private bodies related to the insurance sector for statistical-annual and fraud prevention purposes, for the selection of risks and for the settlement of claims.
  • Others foreseen in the legislation applicable to the insurance sector, mentioned in the previous section.

Transfers are limited to the national scope, with no international data transfers (unless required by law).

SECURITY MEASURES: How do we make your data safe?

At MAGAPOR, S.L. we have adapted our company’s activity to the new European regulation and its requirements. To this end, we have submitted our activity to a data protection impact assessment and, among others, the following measures have been adopted:

  • Encryption of telecommunications.
  • IT security measures (antivirus, firewalls, etc.).
  • Organizational measures, such as employee codes of conduct.

From our organization we pursue that the data of our stakeholders maintain their integrity, confidentiality and availability.

On the other hand, we are responsible for ensuring that entities outside MAGAPOR, S.L. also comply with the applicable legislation on data protection. Therefore, when we have a relationship with a third party that involves transferring data of our stakeholders we make them sign a compliance commitment.

5. RIGHTS: What possibilities of action do you have over your data?

As the owner, you have the following rights in relation to the personal data to which we apply a treatment:

  • Access: Know what data we have about you.
  • Rectification: Modify or correct any personal data we have about you when it is incorrect, incomplete or has changed over time.
  • Cancellation: Require us to delete any of your data, provided that we have no legal duty to keep it.
  • Oppose: Oppose the processing of your personal data by us for legal reasons.
  • Restriction: Oppose any of the processing we apply to your personal data on an individual basis. For example, ask us to stop sending you advertising.
  • Portability: Obtain a copy in a commonly used structured format of your data.

You can exercise the above rights or request additional information about our data protection policy by contacting us by any of the means indicated in section 1.

6. PROVENANCE: How did we obtain your data?

The data we process comes from the interested party in the service contract signed between the parties and in the confidentiality agreement.

At MAGAPOR, S.L. we are committed to providing a good service to our customers and maintaining a good relationship with our stakeholders. Therefore, we invite you to contact us if you have any problem in relation to the processing of your data