The aim of high performance extender is to ensure that the sperm reaches the oocyte in optimal conditions of maturity. In order to choose the most adequate extender, we must not only consider the days of conservation, but also its capacity to preserve the sperm under ideal conditions.

Magapor’s high performance extenders (Spermax, Duragen and Vitasem) offer significant advantages for the preservation of semen doses under optimal conditions.

  1. Transport of semen doses

During transport, semen doses are exposed to stress factors such as temperature fluctuations and vibrations. Long-life extenders contain antioxidants and membrane stabilisers to protect the spermatozoa from these stress factors during the transport of semen doses.

  1. Advanced protection against oxidative damage

High-performance extenders include antioxidants that protect spermatozoa from oxidative damage. This preserves their fertilising capacity and protects cell metabolism, ensuring more effective fertilisation.

  1. Prevent early capacitation

The membrane stabilisers present in these diluents keep the spermatozoa in an optimal state, preventing premature capacitation. Capacitation must occur within the sow’s reproductive tract and not before, and long acting extenders prevent “premature ageing” of the spermatozoa.

Designed to provide maximum safety in the preservation of semen doses

The transport and preservation of semen doses present critical challenges that can compromise semen quality. High-performance semen extenders offer an effective solution, providing increased stability, antioxidant protection and extended shelf life.

Spermax, Duragen and Vitasem are designed to provide maximum safety in the preservation of semen doses and the best results for prolificacy, fertility and viable piglets. As a result, in more technified markets we see an increase in the use of Magapor high performance extender products, reflecting the customisation and advancement of the swine industry.