The mortality of piglets in the suckling phase is one of the major problems facing pig farming. During the last decades, there has been an increase in litter size due to the genetic improvement of sows (hyperprolific sows). However, at the same time, there is an increase in piglet mortality, which can range from 4 to 20% during the first 3-4 days of life and weaning.

Lactation and weaning are particularly susceptible stages for piglets, and the causes of mortality at these stages can be very diverse.

Increased colostrum intake

One of the causes of mortality in newborn piglets is insufficient colostrum intake. Colostrum is the first milk produced by the sow after farrowing and contains a high concentration of antibodies and other immunological components that help protect nursing pigs from disease. If colostrum intake is insufficient, piglets may experience an immune deficiency that leaves them more susceptible to infection and disease. This colostrum intake must occur during the first 48 hours of the piglet’s life, as the piglet’s intestine is rapidly reducing its ability to absorb immunoglobulins. From 12 hours after birth, only 25% of the antibodies are absorbed.

Reduces piglet mortality in primiparous piglets

Vitalpig is an energizing and invigorating feed supplement that boosts piglet colostrum intake. Thanks to using a liquid complementary feed, you can increase colostrum intake and vitality in weaker piglets.

The main features of Vitalpig are:

  • Increases colostrum intake from the earliest stages.
  • Decreases pre-weaning mortality rate.
  • Contains a highly bioavailable energy emulsion, vitamins, and metabolic activators, essential for the weak and stressed piglet.
  • It is especially indicated in the case of hyperprolific sows, weak piglets, and lack of energy, with thermoregulation problems.
  • Specifically developed to be rapidly absorbed by the piglet from the first moments of life.
  • Increases the acquisition of passive immunity.
  • Improves resistance to infection.
  • Especially recommended in primiparous farrowing: With the use of Vitalpig the loss of piglets in primiparous farrowing was reduced by 23%.

The use of a liquid complementary feed is a great tool to improve piglet survival rates, reducing the economic losses involved. By including Vitalpig in piglet management, you can reduce piglet mortality and improve productivity.

Improve your survival rate with Vitalpig