The decisions we make about boar management have a direct impact on the productivity of the animals and the insemination centre. In order to make the right decisions it is very important to have as much information as possible about the production data.

Getting the most out of your boars

An insemination centre management software is a tool that facilitates the organisation of everything related to an insemination centre, including boar management.

Through quick access to dashboards with relevant information, we can know the performance of the boars and optimise production. Having unified and up-to-date information allows standardised decision-making based on data, not on personal interpretations.

The use of Gesipor software will help you in several areas of boar management:


Keeping under control all the data related to the boars in the centre is very important to know the real profitability of the boars and to optimise them as much as possible. The optimal production of seminal doses implies taking into account numerous productive data and without the right tool, it can be complicated.

  • Productivity. Productivity reports to see if there has been a decrease in ejaculate volume or concentration or if the number of doses produced has decreased.
  • Mating times. Quick access to the recording of mating times to organise the day’s production.
  • Semen quality history. Consult the semen quality data of the boars in the centre to know if there are animals to be monitored or processes to be improved. Through a filter of causes of ejaculate elimination, we can check if the causes are low concentration, presence of urine or agglutination, etc.
  • Planning of extractions. Thanks to management software it is easier and simpler to organise the jumps in a day, according to the orders received. This helps to optimise your boars as you get extraction suggestions based on the animals with the highest number of days without extractions and average doses produced.


Carrying out correct sanitary control of the centre is necessary to avoid the appearance of certain infectious diseases such as PRSS. To do this, management software helps us to keep everything under control and avoid economic losses.

  • Health plan. All the information about the centre’s health plan is in a single place, without loss of information and quick consultation.
  • Sanitary control of bleeding and semen. Detailed control and registration of all blood and semen analyses carried out to identify certain diseases. Thanks to this control, any change affecting semen quality or productivity can be quickly detected.
  • Vaccinations and treatments. Report on the treatments of each boar, facilitating the organisation of production, the actions to be taken and the state of each animal.


Management implies carrying out a correct documentary record, in order to comply with the regulations, internal protocols or genetic records.

  • Boar history. With management software it is possible to access all the data related to the boars, such as the entrance to the centre, their age, the number of the stable or the state they are in.
  • Genetic control. Gesipor allows boars to be associated with doses of high genetic value or for replacement. It also links the registers with the databases of the genetic houses.
  • Legal registration of the boar. From its complete identification and sanitary treatments to transport records. The software is adapted to the current regulations, unifying the animal registry.

Having easy access and simple visualisation of the information related to the boars is fundamental to maximise their value and optimise production. Increase your productivity like never before by digitalising your insemination centre with Gesipor.