Magapor inaugurates its new research laboratory in Zaragoza, in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza

On October 7 took place the act of inauguration of the last project of Magapor, a research laboratory in the Joint Research Center with Companies (CEMINEM) in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza.

This event was chaired by Ms. Mª Pilar Zaragoza Fernández – Vice-rector of Technology Transfer and Innovation, who highlighted the close relationship of trust of Magapor with the University of Zaragoza, Mr. Jesús Mena Gericó – Magapor General Director, Dr. Cristina Nerín De La Puerta – Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and project director and Ms. Raquel Ausejo Marcos – Technical Director of Magapor.

The purpose of this center is to allow companies to carry out research projects, collaborating in the development of innovative markets and promoting R + D + i oriented to the needs and new opportunities offered by the market.

Magapor, leader in technologies applied to swine artificial reproduction, will have as its main project in this unit to continue developing the research of substances present in plastic packaging for semen doses that have reprotoxic effects by migration with semen.

Another objective pursued with the creation of this laboratory in the city of Zaragoza is to try to retain the talent of the country, so initially will consist of three post-doctoral contracts, specialized in reproduction and artificial insemination, and two laboratory technicians to provide the necessary assistance.

These contracts will grow progressively in the coming years, joining our R&D&I teams that develop their lines of work in the fields of engineering and biotechnology, located in the main facilities in Ejea de los Caballeros.

Within the equipment that the laboratory will have, it is worth mentioning the existence of CASA systems, flow cytometry and other equipment for the deep analysis of the sperm cell, complemented with equipment from the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Zaragoza.