Continuing with the issue we addressed some days ago on heat stress and its influence on sperm quality, this week we show you some links related to boar nutrition.

As the sector was demanding for a nutritional supplement specific for boars, Espermaplus was born. It is a nutritional complement specially designed by Magapor to guarantee the optimum intake of the essential micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids necessary to maximize sperm production in boars.

In fact, feeding boars with nutrient deficient feed can be detrimental to the productive process, as it influences semen quality, which determines their total reproductive capacity.

It is specially recommended for:

  • Boars of high value
  • Regular toning
  • Stress situations
  • Growing young boars or starting production
  • Weak and/or recovering males
  • Season changes

Among others, these are some extra-nutrients in Espermaplus that improve reproductive factors:

Vitamins: natural antioxidants and libido enhancers. They increase metabolism, immunity and reduce stress. As examples, in the case of biotin, it acts directly on hoof resistance, being, therefore, important for correct poises, while vitamin D increases the sperm motility and effective sperm number.

Omega 3 fatty acid: Its addition to the diet will improve sperm production and motility per ejaculate, as well as increasing the percentage of normal acrosomes.

Amino acids:  necessary for protein synthesis (and thus of spermatozoa)

Oligoelements: Essential for correct semen production. For instance, Zinc has a fundamental role in sperm production and maturation, and low selenium diets reduce motility and increase the percentage of abnormal spermatozoa, since selenium is especially important for the formation and maturation of tails. Besides, zinc with calcium and phosphorus take part in bone and muscle maintenance, preventing poise problems.

For more info regarding Espermaplus, do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Department.