Continuing with these weeks´ topic, today we show the products that Magapor offers for automatic collection of ejaculates in your boar stud. Among them, we would like to highlight Ergos dummy and our Autocollect for the automatic seminal collection, since they increase up to 40% the doses produced per boar, and, besides, they were designed according to the specifications and advice treated on “TIPS FOR COLLECTION (I) and (II)”.

You can find its characteristics in this data sheet and through the link to our website that we attach.

Data sheet                                Link to our website


  • Adaptable: suitable for manual and automatic collection when combined with the Autocollect system.
  • Ergonomic: safe and comfortable for the boar, it can be fixed to the floor for increased stability.
  • Easy and quick to clean: built on stainless steel, the floor support is designed to evacuate water.

 AUTOCOLLECT : Automatic collection system

  • Composed of a mobile guide to be installed inside Ergos dummy and a mobile structure to fix the Autocollect Cervix and thermo flask.
  • Two positions: fix or free movement.
  • The boar leaves the system after ejaculating.

ADVANTAGES of Ergos dummy + Autocollect:  Increased dose production per boar.

  • Suitable for all breeds and facilities.
  • One worker collects two boars at the same time
  • Increases the ejaculate volume collected per boar
  • Reduces result variability among workers, making the collection process more standard. Collection duration depends just on the boar.
  • Hygiene: reduces the risk of bacterial contamination in the ejaculate.
  • Eases and enhances daily work

In addition, you can see a study of our Veterinary R + D + i department with the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza, which demonstrates the advantages of the use of Autocollect.

It was titled IMPROVING THE PRODUCTION PERFORMANCE OF THE BOAR IN THE STUD and is based on a comparison between the manual and the automatic collection systems. It was published in the nº Volume 31 Number 7 of the magazine International Pig Topics. You can find it clicking the following link or visiting its site

Anyway, for further information regarding these products, do not hesitate to contact our commercial delegate in your area.