T-Sem is the new Magapor device that allows you to control the temperature of your doses, chambers or installations in real time.

There are some temperature-sensitive products such as seminal doses or vaccines, for which temperature control is essential. For this reason, it is recommended to use devices that allow the control and recording of temperatures, thus being able to detect possible failures.

Until now, this control was done through dataloggers, but these devices have certain limitations. Firstly, you need access to the device in order to download the data and analyse it. This means that you can only have access to the information afterwards and not at the time of the incident.

To overcome these limitations, Magapor has developed T-Sem, a device that allows real-time temperature monitoring. T-Sem synchronises its data with the Magapor APP, allowing the data to be consulted at any time and without the need to access the device. This also means that by setting temperature ranges, the device will send us an alert in real time if it registers any temperature out of range. In addition, from the APP you can consult, filter and download (PDF or Excel) the information of all the temperature records. T-Sem, by default, will record readings every 5 minutes and synchronise the data every 12 hours or when there are alarms.

Having temperature information available at any time improves traceability in the transport and preservation of products that require a specific temperature for their correct preservation. Thanks to T-Sem, our evolution of a datalogger, you will be able to carry out a real-time control of temperatures, avoiding possible errors.