To make it even faster and more objective, we have updated Magavision, our CASA system developed specifically for swine semen analysis.

This software allows a simple and quick objective and standardised analysis of the main semen quality parameters: motility, concentration and abnormal forms.

New features of our porcine semen testing system

  • Increased speed in the analysis process. Improved algorithms, enabling faster analysis speed.
  • Multi-tracking of doses. Implementation of automated semen dose tracking for dose quality control.
  • Blur alert in reports. The blur alert can also be seen in the report screen next to each field and in exports.
  • Divergence between camps. Alert when a field has a deviation in concentration with respect to the other fields.
  • New user types. Two types of user licenses can be created to control the configuration, one administrator and one operator.
  • Most frequent dilution factors. To simplify their use in the analysis screen, the most frequent dilution factors in the center can be selected.

Find these improvements in all versions of our CASA Swine System

Magavision Tech

Analyses with high accuracy the concentration, motility and total abnormal forms

Magavision Prem

Analyses concentration, motility and disaggregates abnormal forms

Magavision SCI

Complete the analysis considering kinetic parameters