Last Thursday, the INSTITUTE SUPERLAB held in its facilities in Novi Beograd the congress “Innovations in the field of swine reproduction and artificial insemination “. The speakers were the following eminent experts in this field:

  • Dr Raquel Ausejo  (Magapor biotechnology R+D manager),
  • Dr Aleksandar Milovanovic  (Scientific Veterinary Institute in Novi Sad),
  • Dr Milan Maletic  ( Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade).

There were 100 attendees from almost all boar centers and farms from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, who were very satisfied with all presentations and technical contribution.

Besides, we could exhibit a demo laboratory with all necessary equipment and showed a video presentation of the Ergos dummy & Autocollect.

For Magapor, collaborating has been a great pleasure and we hope to repeat events like this one and support Superlab, as always.