Equipment for preserving semen doses, preventing thermal shock and maintaining the doses under optimal storage conditions.

  • Base unit classified A+ that reduces 25% energy consumption.
  • Temperature regulation with neutral area that reduces energy consumption and extends the life of the compressor.
  • Air recirculation for perfect temperature balance.
  • Touch thermostat with alarm.
  • Temperature resolution 0,1ºC.
  • Inner temperature range 15-40ºC.

chambers to store and preserve swine semen doses

OUR RECOMMENDATIONS for a proper use:

  • Check that this preservation device maintains the homogeneous inner temperature. For this, we recommend a constant indoor air flow recirculation.
  • Place the seminal doses evenly inside the device.
  • Place the machine in non-closed places to ease breathing of the engine.
  • Remember that continually opening the equipment affects its performance and consumption.
  • Keep doses between 15.5 ° C and 16.5 ° C
  • Avoid temperature fluctuations during the storage period. The critical temperature at which irreversible damage to the sperm membrane occurs is below 12 ° C
  • Do not expose the doses for long periods of time to direct light.
  • Do not rotate doses during storage.

 If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our technical service or your area sales delegate.