The Councilor for Science, University and Knowledge Society of the Government of Aragon, Ms. Maru Diaz, accompanied by the Mayor of Ejea de los Caballeros, Teresa Ladrero, visited Magapor today. The counselor has been able to know first hand our facilities and activity.

Jesús Mena, general manager of Magapor, accompanied them to visit the facilities, showing great interest in the production area of containers for semen doses with reprotoxic control, the laboratories and, finally, the white room for the production of seminal biopreservatives.

During the visit, some details about the activity and philosophy of Magapor were maniested, and during this meeting, the latest advances of the company in innovative projects and their application to the swine industry were presented.

Both the Minister and Magapor reaffirmed their commitment that investment in R&D&I is a fundamental aspect for the progress and development of the business fabric in Aragon.

The entire Magapor team thanks her for her presence.

Visita almacén Maru Díaz