What is DICOL?

DICOL is a semen collection extender unique in the market, formulated by Magapor to prevent or solve contamination problems in seminal doses. It is used in the collection phase and guarantees the quick cleansing of the ejaculate -in 30 minutes- and the control of bacterial contamination prior to the final extension with the usual extenders of Magapor.

Its use is recommended in these cases:

  • Boars with high contamination levels in semen.
  • Determined seasons or geographical areas with high temperatures or humidity and high risk of bacterial growth.
  • Prevention in prone boars.
  • Prepuce washings.
  • Contaminated equipment / disposable material.
  • Introduction of new animals.

DICOL contains a combination of synergistic action antibiotics, according to European regulation and acting against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Besides, we must emphasize that the Dicol concept is based on the elimination of multi-resistant bacteria through the IDEAL COMBINATION of antibiotics, but NOT by the addition of a large quantity of them. This is very important to be emphasized. Indeed, DICOL was developed using the MBC-Minimum Bactericidal Concentration.

Currently there is no similar product on the market for the collection and disinfection of swine ejaculates. Most centers use the same preservation extender as a bed for the collection of the ejaculate. As a consequence, the literature describes widely that approximately 20% of the commercial doses of swine semen on the market are contaminated (> 300 CFU / ml) (CFU: Colony Forming Units).

In addition, DICOL complies with the program for quality control that Magapor applies to its entire range of extenders.

What is not DICOL?

DICOL is not, by itself, an extender for the preservation of seminal doses. Its use combined with the range of Magapor extenders will maximize the protection against possible problems of contamination, and also will fight punctual or periodic outbreaks of infection by multi-resistant bacteria.

How should you use DICOL?   Very easy…

  1. Dilute an envelope of Dicol in 1 litre of water at 37ºC
  2. Pour 150 ml of this dilution into the collection thermos
  3. Perform extraction to the boar
  4. Wait 30 minutes
  5. Continue with the normal process … (subsequent extension with preservative extenders from the Magapor range).

Below you can see the results obtained by our Veterinary department after some research on ejaculates treated with Dicol.

In case you had any questions regarding this product, do not hesitate to contact our Commercial department or the dep. R + D + i Veterinary Biotechnology.

figure Dicol english