On October 18, Joaquin Miguel, member of the Department of R & D Biotechnology of Magapor, S.L. exposed at 10:45 am the benefits that can be obtained by the use of a management software in boar studs during the Meeting that ANPS (National Association of Breeders of Selected Swine livestock) organized in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment in Madrid.

In his speech, Joaquin explained that, due to the new needs in the market in terms of requirements for new information, traceability (treatments, products, …), legislation, etc., Magapor decided to launch a more complete new version of Gesipor software. Thus, Gesipor 3.0 allows to have all the information regarding boars, sanitary plan (biosecurity and hygiene, sanitary interventions), extractions, warehouse of products, orders and delivery notes, as well as reports and statistics of the stud.

It also assists in the total traceability of the quality of the ejaculates and raw materials (extenders, packaging, …) used for the daily production of seminal doses and all treatments, cleaning actions, etc., that are carried out in the boar stud.

In short, the use of appropriate management software should be a tool that helps optimize the work in the stud, through the organization of information, so that many advantages can be obtained from its analysis.