Abstract by Noelia Mendoza, for her presentation during the 13th ITM Meeting of Magapor

The importance of choosing a semen extender and increasing research for its application in the future is crucial under today production conditions.

A semen extender is a biological means which maintains the correct functionality of sperm during a determined period of time, minimizing the negative effects of cell aging and seeking a balance that allows the survival of semen, while controlling bacterial contamination.

The latest research in the field of semen extender at a molecular level is focused on preserving the sperm membrane to avoid early capacitation or its degradation, energy maintenance of the mitochondria, DNA integrity (key not only for fecundation but also for correct embryo development) and buffering the intrinsic apoptotic processes of the male or the external environment. All this is being developed through the study of new components that could change the way of preserving semen doses (temperature range), reduce the sperm concentration needed per insemination (lower concentration with higher quality) and even change artificial insemination as we know it so far.