One more year Magapor together with the Magapor Chair of the University of Zaragoza has organized its photography contest under the slogan “Swine production”. The aim of the contest is to increase the visibility of the pork sector.

After the deadline for the contest ended on December 14 and in accordance with the contest rules, the jury met to make the decision, and these were the selected:

Professional category:

  • Winner: Mithail Afrige Chowdhury – Photo: “The Pigman”
  • 2º prize: José Reyes Belzunce – Photo: “La charca”
  • 3º prize: Anais Moreno García  – Photo: “Juntos pero no revueltos”
Student category:
  • Winner: Fátima Martín Moral – Photo: “Saludando a los granjeros”
  • 2º prize: María Romero Larriut – Photo: “Sonreid niños”
  • 3º prize: Fernando de Mergelina Botet  – Photo: “Cerdo en su salsa”
From Magapor, we offer our sincere congratulations to the winner and thank the rest of the contestants for their participation.
See you in the next edition!!

Professional category

Student category