Maximum safety while transporting semen doses

Technical concept

Transport and storage boxes for semen doses. They maintain temperature controlled to prevent thermal shock.


  • Heating and cooling by Thermo electrical Peltier cell, gas compression is not required (except NT-110 model, which includes gas compression circuit).
  • Digital touch controller with 0.1 ºC resolution.
  • Neutral zone that reduces the energy consumption of the chamber and extends its useful life.
  • CFC-free cooling element (only in model NT-110).
  • Classification A+ which reduces 25% of energy consumption.
Transpor boxes Magapor characteristics


• Refrigerated by a gas compression circuit (CFC free) with heating through electrical resistorss.

• High density expanded polyurethane insulation.

• Possibility of connection to 110/220 Vac and 12/24 Vdc

• Includes power cable for connection to the vehicle´s lighter, so it is not necessary to install a direct connection to the battery of the vehicle.

• Silent working

• Low height to be able to fit in a wider range of vehicles.

• Reinforced corners, making it more impact-resistant during transport.

• The handles, previously removable, are now folding to reduce its length and take up less space during transport.

• Reversible door. Its opening direction can be modified by changing the position of the hinges.

• Includes 2 LED light units

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