Photo: Nacho Redondo

Being an initiative of the WVA, World Veterinary Association, for 20 years the World Veterinary Day has been celebrated on the last Saturday of each April. This time, it will be on the 25th of April and the focus will be on the work of these professionals to protect our environment.

We must say that this day is as an opportunity to improve the visibility and recognition of the veterinary sector, showing the important work they carry out in society, since environment, food, human and animal health are clearly interconnected. What is more, in these uncertain days of health crisis, from here we encourage all countries to integrate the veterinary profession into the technical-scientific committees, given their knowledge of infectious-contagious diseases that affect communities.

For more info, this is the website of the association:

From Magapor we want to congratulate our vet colleagues in the company and our collaborators, and also take the opportunity to highlight their dedication, commitment and efforts.

“Medicine heals people, but veterinary medicine heals humanity”   (Dr. L. Pasteur  1822-1895)