Magapor launches its new artificial vision analysis system, Magavision. Thanks to this new software for swine semen analysis you will be able to evaluate motility, concentration and abnormal forms quickly, accurately and easily. Accuracy is essential in a CASA system and Magavision is “The most accurate vision system on the market”.

Why choose Magavision?

It enables fast, simple and accurate analysis. Our new swine CASA system performs with high precision the calculation of motility, concentration and detection of abnormal forms.

Smart Stage. Motorised autofocus stage. Magavision optionally includes a motorised, heated and auto-focusing stage. The motorised stage enables multi-monitoring, allowing several boars to be loaded and analysed simultaneously.

It allows you to work in the cloud. Thanks to our porcine semen analysis system you will be able to analyze your ejaculates through its servers. In addition to consulting the data from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Magavision has new algorithms, more accurate in cell detection and recognition, developed to standardize the semen analysis process. In addition, its optional connection with Gesipor 360 and other programs links all data to optimize productivity.

Developed by our IT team, which allows adaptation to the needs of each user.

3 versions to suit all needs

Magavision Tech

Highly accurate analysis of concentration, motility and total abnormal forms

Magavision Prem

Analyzes concentration, motility and breaks down abnormal forms

Magavision SCI

Complete the analysis taking into account the kinetic parameters.