Magapor launches BlueLine, a new line of products aimed at solving specific problems in pig farms and insemination centers. This line is formed by a series of natural solutions that seek to improve the production rates and the health of piglets, sows and boars based on the latest scientific studies and advances in the sector.

  • Spermaplus, nutritional supplement for boars. A nutritional supplement specially designed for boars that ensures an optimal supply of micronutrients, vitamins, and essential amino acids necessary to maximize sperm production in your boars.
  • Vitalpig, liquid complementary feed. Energizing and revitalizing feed supplement for piglets that boosts colostrum intake.
  • PheroBoar, pheromones for heat detection. Set of synthetic pheromones with a sprayer to detect oestrus in sows.
  • Hydromax, oral rehydrating for piglets. Complete anti-diarrhoeal, antibiotic-free, formulated with different natural components that act on water and electrolyte imbalances.