Not just a matter of time, but of safety and efficiency.

The viability of semen doses may be compromised by the boar effect and at some critical points of their processing, transportation, preservation and application, thus affecting the reproductive results of the sows.

For years, extender classification has been based on the recommended conservation period on the label: short, medium, long or extra-long life. At Magapor, we consider other criteria because the majority of semen doses are used in the first 72 hours after preparation no matter the classification. Quality, traceability, experience, feedback from our clients, number of doses produced and the usage of a product certified to guarantee its safety for reproduction are just some of the criteria that distinguish our products.


Vitasem and Duragen have been designed to ensure maximum safety in the preservation of semen doses.

They contain efficient energy precursors which are used by the mitochondria, thus improving sperm motility and oxygen consumption.

A combination of specific biological buffers controls and moderates pH changes, maintaining the functionality of sperm cells.

Their high antioxidant capacity and membrane protectors protect the sperm membrane from lipid peroxidation.

Contain antibiotics according to the European Council Directive 90/429/EEC.

Depending on the extender, different combination of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Free of animal protein.

Feature membrane stabilizers and protect from early sperm capacitation.