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China: 24 provinces affected by ASF

The Ministry of Agriculture of China confirmed, last Sunday, the first ASF outbreak in the province of Gansu.


First ASF case in Mongolia

The General Authority for Veterinary Services of Mongolia confirmed the presence, for the first time, of African swine fever on a backyard farm.



Poland: Hunting of wild boars to counteract the spread of ASF

This year, as many as 60 ASF cases in wild boars have been confirmed. However, since September 14 last year, no outbreaks were noted in pig farms, which indicates the effectiveness of biosecurity.


ASF in Belgium: strong western progression of the virus

The discovery, on the 8th of January, of 2 ASF-positive wild boars in the area between Meix-devant-Virton and Sommethonne confirms the strong increase of the ASF cases towards the west of Belgium, that are reaching the border with France.