On 15 May we were visited by a group of leading animal breeding researchers and educators from China. The visit was attended by academician Yang Weicai and researcher Chen Fan from Yazhouwan National Laboratory, professor Yuan Xiaohui from Jilin Agricultural University, professor Liu Xiaolei, and associate professor Feng Hui from the prestigious Huazhong Agricultural University. Wang Rui, president of Sanya Boruiyuan Technology Co. Ltd. also attended.

During this day, they were able to visit our company and exchange the innovations in pig breeding.

This group of prestigious academics was able to see first-hand our research areas and activities, giving great recognition to the successful application of our research results.

Jesús Mena, CEO of Magapor, gave a warm welcome to our visitors, highlighting the importance of collaboration with both national and international research entities. At Magapor, we have always encouraged the creation of synergies that promote the technical development of our sector.