MAGAVISION: Fast, easy and accurate

Today we display the advantages of Magavison, our CASA system to assess semen quality, specific for boar semen, which simplifies and automates work in the stud.

Objective and standard analysis of the main semen quality parameters:

  • Motility (masal or individual depending on versions)
  • Concentration
  • Abnormal forms

Magavision en ingles

Easy to use, the artificial vision system Magavision carries out an accurate and objective analysis in less than two minutes, removing the deviations and subjective appreciations of human intervention from the analysis process.

  • Simple estimation of the doses to be obtained.
  • Parameterized assessment of movement intensity.
  • Data can be stored in Gesipor’s database.

Magavision includes all the equipment necessary for work:

  • Trinocular microscope with hot plate and phase contrast with its objectives.
  • Micropipette and tips.
  • Cell counting chambers. Two boxes included.
  • Videocamera.
  • CPU with Windows 7:

Gesipor software tested for stud management.

Magavision software tested for analyzing and evaluating semen.

  • Network for Internet connection.
  • Remote connection with our technical team for functioning and connection troubleshooting.

And that is all … If you had any questions regarding Magavision, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department. They will be more than happy to help you.

Next week we will talk more deeply about flow cytometry.  Do not miss it!