On October 26, the presentation and recognition ceremony of the institutional Professorships of UNIZAR (University of Zaragoza) took place, and our colleague Raquel Ausejo attended the event on behalf of the Magapor sponsored Professorship.

Here you can see some information regarding our professorship.


This Professorship begins with its constitution on the 6th of November, 2012, as a common and permanent working table between Magapor and the University of Zaragoza, to join efforts and knowledge in technological projects.


  • Transfer of research results: “Innovaciones en reproducción porcina II” and “Boar Lovers”
  • Supervision of the ITM Congress Program.
  • Photo contest “Just for Pigs”
  • Participation in innovation activities: “Platform for the management of swine insemination centers” DEMOLA , and “Era Career Day”
  • Research projects: Magavision II and Gesipor 3.0
  • Collaborations in teaching: Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Master of Swine Health and Production

Due to this event, on September 19 Unizar recorded a video and posted it on YouTube at the beginning of the year.

You can see it here (in Spanish): VIDEO CATEDRA MAGAPOR