The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine celebrated yesterday, May 9, the festivity to honour Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology, in an academic event at 5:00 pm at the Auditorium of Zaragoza Exhibition Grounds. The graduation of their students also took place. In fact, a total of 170 diplomas and grants were given to the 2015-2019 Cohort of the Food Science & Technology Degree and to the 2014-2019 Cohort of the Veterinary Degree.

The Magapor sponsored Professorship was represented by our colleagues Noelia Mendoza and Pedro Soler, supporting thereby the formation of veterinarians in our region.

Besides, the work of the retired and deceased staff was recognized and other awards were given to the best academic records and posters and to the winners of the photography, drawing and short story contests.

Here you will find more information (in Spanish):

The previous day, on the eighth of May, our workmates Javier Segura and Raquel Ausejo attended the Technical Conference of the ASSOCIATION OF SWINE VETERINARIANS OF ARAGON (AVPA), which was held at the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza.

Magapor collaborated as a sponsor, and this was the program of this interesting 2019 edition (in Spanish):