Managing the production of seminal doses is one of the key points in the production process. Optimizing the management of this production is very important to avoid errors and increase productivity throughout the whole process.

A boar stud management software is the perfect tool to help improve the production of semen doses. Software of this type can help you from the placing and managing orders, the selection of boars to be collected, to the preparation of orders and the management of transport.

Boost your productivity with management software

The use of a computer program such as Gesipor for the control of the production of seminal doses has multiple benefits, but three main elements stand out:


Communication between the whole team and the recording of information is very important during the production of doses. Access to information quickly and easily is essential to avoid errors, loss of information and to speed up the production process. The use of software makes it possible to:

  • Improve and speed up communication between the laboratory and the pit, accessing any modification made in real-time. This means an improvement in the work carried out in the pit, as there is no loss of information, improving communication.
  • Automatic management of orders. By unifying the order entry and processing channels, order management is optimized.
  • Plan extractions automatically taking into account the characteristics of the orders and boars available.


Controlling production times is very important to optimize the production of seminal doses. Management software allows to control of a series of processes that enable to improvement of production times.

  • Quick decision-making. This saves time and improves production. Having access to production modifications or boar suggestions for urgent moments helps to optimize production times.
  • Automatic data entry instead of manual data entry. As well as setting up direct communication between all production teams. This eliminates some manual operations that can delay and hinder production.
  • Access to information in real-time. Quick access to modifications of changes in orders or boars to be extracted to reduce downtime and the probability of error.
  • Detect points of improvement with performance reports. Sometimes there may be certain improvement points that have not been identified and lead to increased production times. Performance reports allow the identification of these points of improvement that decrease the productivity of the centre.


Throughout the production process, several points can cause production errors and consequently economic losses.

  • Identification of the ejaculates. Complete traceability of all production to avoid errors.
  • Monitoring the different phases of production (analysis, dilution, shipping, order preparation) in real-time allows problems to be detected before they occur.
  • Automation of orders and production processes. Manual tasks are one of the critical points that cause errors in production and by automating them we eliminate human error.

All this is what Gesipor can do to optimize the production of seminal doses, but it can do much more as it is a tool for the integral management of your insemination center. Do you want to know more?