This is one of the latest additions to our R&D&I teams and was created in response to the new needs of the sector.

Artificial vision for porcine semen analysis

Biotechnologists and biologists form this department. Their research aims to develop intelligent electronic systems to improve the analysis and conservation of seminal doses. Through the incorporation of artificial vision and the latest technologies, such as machine learning, they work to improve cell detection.

Some of the projects they are working on are the following:

  • Development of our CASA system, an automatic semen analysis software specifically for swine semen.
  • Research on new products for semen analysis, including machine vision and machine learning.
  • Interdepartmental collaboration for software integration and development.
  • Development of new cell recognition algorithms to improve cell detection.

Digitization of the sector is essential to improve processes and increase productivity. Our own team to develop our artificial vision system is essential to continue developing innovations that keep us at the forefront of the sector.