Assessment of the influence of the packaging machine on the variation of the seminal dose concentration

The test has been carried out with the aim of assessing a possible influence of the packaging machine on the variation of the sperm concentration (sperm / ml) in the seminal doses, obtained after the packaging of a previously diluted ejaculate.

This influence may be derived from the order of packaging.

For this, two experiments have been carried out:

1.-        90 ml seminal doses (SemenBag)

2.-        45 ml seminal doses  (SmallBag)

** Packaging conditions: Correct homogenization of the diluted ejaculate before the packaging. Hoses of the packaging device in correct conditions.

** The evaluation of the concentration of seminal doses is carried out using CASA system.

*** Packaging of the seminal doses using Bagmatic device


Results obtained in 29 doses:

Test Magapor 90 ml
Average: 352.53 ± 7.75 Coefficient of variation: 2,20%

Results obtained in 52 mini-doses:

Test Magapor 45 ml
Average: 247.42 ± 6.44 Coefficient of variation: 2,60%

** The concentration assessment of each dose is repeated 3 times to reduce a possible error in the analysis. The represented value of each dose is the mean together with the standard deviation obtained from the 3 measurements


According to the results obtained in this test, we observed a minimal variation between the analyzed samples, but it does not follow any pattern that may be related to the order of packaging. We can conclude that, neither the device, nor the order of packaging, influence on a possible variability of the sperm concentration of the seminal doses. The minimum deviation and the coefficient of variation observed are derived from the user’s own variability (of the one who analyses), the system used to assess the concentration.