What is management software?

Software for the technical management of boar stud is a computer program that helps us to manage everything related to our insemination center. Thanks to this software we can have everything related to the production process of seminal doses under control.

How can a software help you?

This software allows us to integrate all the information in one place. It is no longer necessary to have multiple Excel spreadsheets, thanks to the software you can standardize processes and group all the information from your center, making it easier to visualize and make decisions.

The day-to-day running of an insemination center is full of decisions that directly affect productivity. The center’s staff must make these decisions, and using management software can make this task simpler, faster, and more effective.

Advantages of a pig CIA management software:

The use of this type of software provides a number of advantages, facilitating both boar management and the production of seminal doses.

Boar management:

  • Optimize the production of your boars. Obtain quickly and easily the production data of your boars.
  • Control genetic indexes. Allows you to monitor the genetics of your animals and connect the program to the databases of different genetic houses.
  • Document management. It gathers all the identification documentation required for the legal and governmental management of a center.
  • Register your health plans. Access to the sanitary registry of your animals.

Seminal dose production:

  • Process ejaculates faster. Improve the productivity of the center, increasing the production rate.
  • Control traceability. Allows a complete record of traceability, from doses to raw materials.
  • Avoids errors. The rapid visualization of the information allows correct decisions to be made, avoiding errors that lead to productivity losses.

Do you want to take your center’s production to the next level?

At Magapor we can help you improve productivity and the quality of the seminal doses produced. Contact us and we will show you everything that software can do to improve the day-to-day running of your insemination center.

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