In this post we leave you some practical advice published in pig 333 to induce heat in gilts and sows that you can carry out in your centers.

Age at puberty in replacement gilts and wean to estrus interval in sows are each linked to litter productivity and retention in the breeding herd. Induction is a procedure used to advance estrus.

Physical exposure using an intact or vasectomized boar provides the full range of stimuli.

Hormonal injection in prepubertal gilts and sows with a combination also induces rapid follicle growth and estrus in 4 to 5 days.

We leave you the link to expand this information and know how to make a correct exposure to the male or how heat is detected in the sow.

If you found this information interesting and you want to know more, in the coming weeks our veterinarians will expand this information and give you some more advice on correct induction of heat and insemination of the sow.

Stay tuned if you do not want to miss the information!