The materials used for the manufacture of seminal bags may contain substances that are hazardous to sperm, reducing reproductive performance.

It is important to note that adhesives are not the only source of reprotoxic substances in seminal bags. Although many bags on the market avoid the use of adhesives to market reproduction-safe bags, it is essential to understand that other components such as coatings, inks, and plasticizers used to fix the layers of the bags can also be sources of reproductive toxics. At Magapor, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of all these compounds, thus ensuring comprehensive control of the factors that can have reprotoxic effects.

Magapor Semenbag packaging bags are the only bags on the market that are 100% safe for sperm since the RTC control allows us to ensure that the presence of reprotoxic substances in our packaging bags is controlled and that no damage to the sperm cell will occur. Each batch produced is subjected to this control and identified, making this information available to the customer. All bags sold have a QR code to access the validation report that proves that the bag is safe for sperm. This validation report is certified both by us and by the University of Zaragoza as an external institution.

We analyze all sources of reproductive toxics

Currently, we continue to research and discover new reprotoxic substances and systematically incorporate them into our RTC monitoring protocol. This research has several phases:

  • Discover the presence of new substances
  • Once discovered, identify:
    • The risk that these new substances may represent for the sperm.
    • The interaction between these new substances and sperm.
    •  The evolution over time. That is if over time they will become reprotoxic substances.
  • Document the research and if it is a sperm-toxic substance it is added to our RTC control. Recently to the already known substances such as BADGE, Cyclic Lactone, Phthalates, PVC, and BPA, we have added Nolymphenol.

The use of Magapor Semenbag is a guarantee of reproductive safety. Our quality protocol, the result of years of research and collaboration with leading experts in the field, ensures that each batch of bags produced meets the most rigorous standards of safety and efficacy.