The swine sector is constantly evolving and improving, and automation is a fundamental factor. The first step in the production process is the artificial insemination centre (AI centre), where many of the processes carried out (evaluation of ejaculate quality, reconstitution of extender, packaging of seminal doses, etc.) have been automated and standardised to reduce possible errors due to the human factor.

Of all the processes carried out in a boar stud, semen extraction is one of the tasks where the human factor is considered important. The most common type of extraction in the centres is manual, which means that the speed and the productive efficiency of the boar depend on the human factor.

For this reason, extraction is a critical point in the productivity of the centres. To solve this, we can include an automatic extraction system, which offers numerous advantages:

  • Increase of productivity: Automatic extraction systems such as autocollect allow the operator to extract two boars simultaneously with a single dummy sow. The result is a significant increase in the number of extractions per hour, reaching up to eight boars, compared to four extractions per hour manually.
  • Uniformity and standardisation: Variability between operators is minimised through standardisation of the collection process. Autocollect allows the duration of the extraction to depend solely on the boar, not the operator.
  • Reduced Risk of Contamination: By reducing operator intervention in the collection process, the risk of bacterial contamination of the ejaculate is minimised.
  • Increased Dose Production: The automatic Autocollect extraction system optimises production by increasing the number of doses obtained per ejaculate compared to manual methods. This increased efficiency translates into increased profitability and competitiveness for boar studs.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Designed to adapt to different genetics and facilities, Autocollect becomes an indispensable tool for any artificial insemination centre, regardless of its size or configuration.

Increase your boar stud productivity with Autocollect

To demonstrate the advantages of the automatic semen collection system over manual semen collection we conducted a field trial in an insemination centre. This trial was carried out for 9 months in a Spanish CIA with a capacity of 150 animals.

Thirty-five Pietrain boars were included in the study and extractions were performed with both methods (manual and autocollect Magapor). A total of 3,376 ejaculates were obtained: 2,436 manually and 940 with the automatic system.

Maximum productivity and profit
Research carried out in a Spanish boar stud with 150 males.

The results of this test showed significant improvements between manual extraction and the automatic system. The improvements with the use of Autocollect were as follows:

  • Increased volume of ejaculate collected
  • Higher sperm concentration
  • Higher number of doses per ejaculate.

Throughout the production process, there are many critical points where an improvement can lead to an increase in productivity. Applying this automation to the extraction of seminal doses will improve production, increasing the competitiveness of the insemination center.