The increase in genetic material trade made it necessary in 2011 to establish health and zootechnical regulations in Spain to set the conditions for their placing on the market, guaranteeing their rational and safe use, and increasing the transparency of transactions.

To cover this legal gap, the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs that governed Spanish livestock those days, enacted the Royal Decree 841/2011, of June the 17th, which establishes the basic laws for collection, storage, distribution and commercialization of genetic material of the swine species, among others.

On the other hand, with this legislation, the sanitary requirements for the national commerce were made equal to the ones that were already applied within the European Union:

  1. Setting basic sanitary and zootechnical rules, such as a new document, containing sanitary specifications, that must accompany each batch of genetic material.
  2. Development of the identification system for its national and intra-community trade (information that must appear on the packages, to guarantee its traceability).
  3. Creation of a registry of centres authorized for the collection, storage and / or distribution of genetic material.

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