Managing a boar stud can be complicated, as the day-to-day running of an insemination centre is full of decisions to be made that directly influence production.

Managing your insemination centre is easier than ever before

Good organisation is essential to keep everything under control and increase the centre’s productivity. The digitalisation of the sector is unstoppable and the use of insemination centre management software is a great tool for improving organisation.


One of the current problems in centre management is information management. In many cases, records are kept in notebooks which are then transferred to Excel spreadsheets. This may involve a risk of loss of information, in addition to the human error of carrying out this task manually.

  • Quick access to information. All the information is in a single place, which allows all the information to be at hand in the event of any incident.
  • Standardisation of processes. Standardised recording of information, avoiding loss of information.
  • Facilitates decision-making. Through reports that facilitate the visualisation of data, we can make decisions with information in real-time.


The management of a boar stud involves the organisation of many factors. Taking all these factors into account can sometimes be complicated. Having management software for the insemination centre facilitates this management, achieving better productive results.

  • Task organisation. The use of software allows an overview of the agenda and links tasks to employees.
  • Control of supplies. Incorrect management of supplies can lead to significant economic losses. Having all the information about supplies available allows them to be managed properly.
  • Traceability control. Complete traceability throughout the production process, with all the material used in the process from start to finish. This allows easy access to records to find the source of a potential problem.
  • Improved planning. Real-time production information, enabling improved production planning.


Managing the production of seminal doses is one of the key points in the production process. Optimising the management of this production is very important to avoid errors and increase productivity throughout the whole process.

  • Automation of orders in equipment. Managing orders manually is one of the critical points that cause errors throughout the production process (analysis, dilution and packaging) and by automating them we eliminate human error.
  • Performance indicators. Through performance reports, we can easily locate the points of improvement, increasing the productivity of the centre.
  • Avoid errors. Thanks to the automation of orders, traceability and quick access to information, decisions can be made avoiding production errors.

A management software for insemination centres is a fundamental tool to have the whole organisation under control. Correct management of information and organisation of the centre will take your production to the next level.