This is one of Magapor’s most experienced research departments, as it began its work as an R&D&I department in 2002 and is currently made up of seven people.

Constant research

The veterinary R&D&I department is dedicated not only to providing technical service to customers but also to carrying out research into our products and processes. This allows us to develop new formulas, constantly improving the quality and performance of our services. This department develops everything from the formulas for our long-life extenders to the design of our catheters. Some of the projects they work on are the following:

  • Research of new raw materials for extenders and packaging systems.
  • Tests for the improvement of diluents.
  • New biosafety protocols.
  • Participation in different innovation projects.
  • Publications in scientific and specialized journals.

Constant research is essential to remain at the forefront of the sector and this is possible thanks to this team dedicated to the improvement of our products.