This department was born in the early days of the company. Initially, they designed and manufactured coolers, transport chambers and small laboratory equipment. Today they are responsible for designing and manufacturing the latest packaging and dilution technology, such as Bagmatic and Extenderbox.

Development of cutting-edge technology

This department is made up of Industrial Engineers who, with the support of our suppliers, develop and implement new equipment while incorporating advances and practical improvements in the evolution of existing equipment. Some of the projects they work on are the following:

  • Search for new cutting-edge solutions for production improvement.
  • Development of technology for the swine sector.
  • Design of latest generation laboratory equipment.
  • Automation of boar studs.
  • Redesign and improvement of existing products.

Putting the customer at the center is one of our objectives, and allows us to know their needs firsthand. An engineering team dedicated to research and development allows us to create innovative solutions for our customers.