On 17th June, a meeting was held with the ANPS partners interested in participating in the dissemination and implementation of the innovative project that, promoted by the Operational Group, aims to unify procedures and criteria under a common standard of porcine seminal quality.

Developed thanks to the collaboration of different members specialized in Artificial Insemination, the project will culminate by making this necessary quality tool available to the sector. The establishment of this standard will have a direct effect on the market, allowing the boar stud of our country to increase their technification, and offer more reliable and competitive products.

The ANPSTAND Operational Group is composed of a consortium of organizations and companies that faithfully represents the plurality of entities operating in the swine reproduction segment in Spain.

At the same time, the participation of the ANPS partners is essential for the collection of data from the centers that will serve to know the reality and needs of the sector, as well as the collaboration in the elaboration of standard documentation, and the realization of tests. They will also play an important role in the diffusion of the project and the new standard internally, as well as to customers and the public in general, in order to publicise the efforts of pig professionals to ensure quality and safety from the first link in the value chain.