Osmo6 is specifically designed for semen doses production in boar studs. It produces Pure Water Type II (ASTM) from drinkable water.


  • Safety and quality control over the water you manufacture yourself in the laboratory, avoiding possible errors by suppliers.
  • Avoid bottled water storage and waste disposal.
  • Reduce the use of plastic, and therefore the impact on the environment. We make the sector more sustainable.

At Magapor we take care of every step throughout the swine artificial insemination process. One of the basic but essential elements, which sometimes goes unnoticed, is the water. Choosing the type of water used during the dilution process is essential, since it must not alter the physical-chemical balance or contain any type of toxic to achieve a good solubilization result. There are many problems that are usually generated by not providing the correct type of water, such as due to the use of mineral water for human consumption or water that is incorrectly stored.

In order to solve this problem and guarantee the quality of the water in the production of semen doses, we have incorporated the OSMO6 in our catalogue, a professional unit of reverse osmosis and deionization.

If you take care of your boars, why don’t you take care of the water?

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