Given the proliferation of African swine fever ASF in Europe, we remind you that on the farm, in the slaughterhouse, and during transportation, biosecurity is your responsibility. In the same way, we warn that special care should be taken when travelling to countries where the disease has been confirmed: Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, China and Russia.

Therefore, Magapor, as part of the sector, will also take precautions in the interactions with these countries.

As an introduction, what should farmers do to stop ASF?

  • Report signs and symptoms of African swine fever or abnormal mortality.
  • Make sure that all leftover food is put in sealed waste containers and not feed domestic and feral pigs (wild pigs).
  • Ensure and enhance biosecurity at farm level as agreed with competent authority.

For more information about the biosecurity measures to take, click on these links of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION:



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Fuente : Ministerio Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación.