Gathering the most notable specialists and farmers of the swine sector, MB Swine and Magapor have hosted and sponsored their first meeting in the USA on the theme “Latest advances and innovations in Swine Reproduction”.

The event took place on the 3rd and 4th of December at the Hotel Holiday Inn in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The meeting agenda allowed the opportunity for discussion and advice on the following topics relevant to insemination, with leading researchers such as Kara Stewart and Darwin Reicks:

Kara Stewart:

  • Risk factors in dose contamination
  • Advantages and disadvantages of pooling boar semen
  • Post-cervical AI – How to maximize the advantages from the use of the technique
  • Reducing concentration in doses. How low can we go?

Darwin Reicks:

  • The effect of collection technique on contamination: Research results.
  • HQS Program: Program results in USA, Brazil and Spain (with Pedro Ivo de Quadros & Raquel Ausejo)

Pedro Ivo de Quadros:

  • New technologies in reproduction: Opportunities and Threats. What can we do about these?

Raquel Ausejo:

  • Semen production. Review of techniques from collection to packaging
  • Myths and truths about frequency of boar semen collection
  • The truth about toxicity in plastics

The hosts would like to thank all the attendees for embarking with them in this effort of bringing the latest novelties to their industry. The following edition of this meeting will be held on the same dates in 2019.

Congratulations for the successful and satisfying organization.