Magapor has redesigned the packaging of its high-performance extender products. This is a complete redesign of the image that includes the packaging and the color palette of the high performance extenders. This rebranding involves incorporating a newer, fresher and more modern image, in line with the quality and efficacy of our diluents.

Magapor’s high performance extenders are essential for the production and preservation of porcine semen doses trusted by a large number of producers worldwide, with close to 150 million semen doses produced with them during 2020. The high performance of Spermax, Duragen or Vitasem, offers maximum protection, maximizes the fertilizing capacity of the semen doses and contributes decisively to the productive results of swine farms. Moreover, these products are manufactured under the most rigorous quality controls.

For this reason, we wanted to give them a new image that is aligned with our high quality standards. However, it should be noted that we have not changed our formula, it is only a redesign of the image.

It is an image with a more modern flat design and with this new image we want to communicate better the values associated with this product, presenting the design elements in a clearer, more structured and orderly layout.

The packaging has also been redesigned, unifying from now on its boxes for the 1, 5 and 100-liter formats, with new, more resistant packaging that improves palletizing and space utilization in transport.

The new color palette maintains the representative ranges of each product, applying more vibrant tones that make it easier to identify each extender.

The new image helps to modernize the perception of the product and “continue to generate confidence in a product of optimum performance and that is key for the production of doses in the swine insemination center”.