NeoGiant is an innovative H2020 action with a budget of 8.3 million euros. This international project, coordinated by USC professor Marta Lores, brings together 20 partners from nine countries, including educational institutions such as the universities of Santiago de Compostela, Porto, Berlin and South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Research organisations such as Bianor and several companies will also participate, including Magapor, which is responsible for the application of the project in the field of swine reproduction.

As part of Magapor’s innovation policy, we decided to be part of this ambitious project that will allow us to continue to be at the forefront in the production of extenders for boar semen and technology for pig reproduction, providing practical solutions to the reduction of antibiotics.

The project will generate bioactive compounds with antoxidant and antimicrobial properties from natural product waste, which can be applied throughout the animal production chain and in different slaughter species.