The UNE 166002 Standard has become a benchmark for promoting, managing and improving R&D&I activities in companies. It is applicable to all types of organisations, public and private, regardless of their sector or size and can be integrated with other Management Systems such as Quality, Environment, etc.

The certification in the UNE 166002 standard, despite being less common, generates great benefits in organizations with a marked innovative character such as Magapor. The Management’s commitment to R&D&I and the high investment effort is channeled and managed in the most efficient way possible thanks to the implementation of the R&D&I Management System. Thus, we have specialized teams (up to 25% of our staff are researchers), facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and consolidated processes that allow us to establish high-level collaborations and participate in international projects.

The certification of companies in internationally applicable standards means the evolution of economic sectors towards others with greater competition. This generates strong and innovative sectors with qualified and motivated professionals.

At Magapor we continue to work every day to maintain our certifications and thus be able to continue to offer our customers innovative and high-quality products.

And remember that our certificates are available on our website for download.