The concepts and factors related to seminal quality and fertility, as well as the objectives of the quality standards on which the ANPSTAND Operative Group is working, have been detailed.

Today, 80 technicians and other laboratory staff have attended the first online course on Excellence and Innovation in Semen Quality, organized by the ANPSTAND Operational Group, in the framework of its innovative project.

In the first part of the course, Joaquín Gadea, Professor of the Department of Physiology of the University of Murcia and IMIB Researcher of the Reproductive Physiology and Assisted Reproduction Group, discussed the importance of seminal quality and its relationship with fertility and the main factors that affect fertility: those related to the females; the moment of insemination; the number of spermatozoa in the dose; the factors associated with the male; and seminal quality.

He also detailed some concepts such as sperm quality, motility, concentration or bacterial contamination.

For her part, Adoración Dorente, Technical Director of the National Association of Select Swine ANPS, explained, among other issues, the objectives pursued by the seminal quality standard for all swine boar studs in Spain on which the ANPSTAND Operational Group is working.

Among them: to implement a common certification that guarantees the minimum characteristics that the doses produced in these centers must meet and that guarantees the traceability of the processes; to define and implement innovative strategies; to promote improvements in biosafety and hygienic conditions; and to prepare a manual of good practices for boar studs.

Trinidad Ansó, Cinco Villas Boar Stud, and Amelia Martín, Cobadú, presented the 10 protocols that are being developed to guarantee optimal conditions for insemination animals: measures in the facilities; animal handling, biosecurity, animal welfare and health and hygiene, and work processes; semen collection, ejaculate processing and conservation and distribution of doses, quality control and traceability of data; and an environmental protocol.


It is an Operational Group led by the National Association of Select Swine (ANPS), which is made up of breeders and companies dedicated to the selection and improvement of purebred and hybridized swine. Its objective is to define and implement a semen quality standard for swine boar studs in Spain, and it includes studies, tests, protocols and manuals that will allow Spanish swine production to continue to lead the world.

ANPSTAND is a clear commitment of the sector, which voluntarily decides to improve and standardize the artificial insemination processes.

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