A boar stud management software is a computer program that helps us to manage everything related to our insemination center. Thanks to this software we can have everything related to the production process of seminal doses under control.

Using a boar stud management program has a number of advantages:

  • Optimizes the productivity of the center and especially of the animals.
  • Integrate all the information in one place. It is no longer necessary to have multiple Excel sheets, thanks to the software you can group all the information of your center facilitating its visualization and decision making.
  • Minimize human error, as you can interconnect all the equipment in your center.
  • Allows complete traceability of the entire seminal dose production process.
  • Manages the traceability of all consumables used during the production process.
  • Control the stock of materials in your warehouse and production.

As you can see, boar stud management software has a number of advantages that will help take your center to the next level, increasing your productivity and the quality of the semen doses produced.