More than a question of time, a matter of safety and efficiency

In Magapor we have a gamut of High Performance & cutting edge extenders. In fact, our best guarantees of their benefits are our customers´ results regarding fertilizing capacity of the semen doses (prolificacy and fertility), therefore, contributing decisively to improve production results in their swine exploitations.

This gamut includes:


High performance extenders as Spermax, Duragen or Vitasem offer maximum protection, representing an efficient solution to critical points such as the male effect and the processes of elaboration, transport, preservation and application of the semen doses.

For their production, Magapor counts on advanced technology facilities, and we perform differentiating and strict quality controls for total traceability.

Below you can see the graphics related to the results obtained, in comparison to those of the competition, after performing the following tests:

Stress                        Stability                   Antibacterial effect

Stress Test

This test intends to check the functionality of Magapor high performance extenders (Duragen, Vitasem and Spermax) and compare it to those of different commercial extenders. Our extenders are compared with those of the competence in real semen doses stored at 15ºC-17ºC.

The analysis is performed at day 1, 4, 7 ,8 and 11.

Spermax, Vitasem and Duragen extenders obtain the best results for the sperm quality parameters, maintaining them at high values, significantly superior to those of the average preservation time with regards to the competitors analyzed. They also preserve motility, sperm membranes and the acrosome state under optimal conditions and maintain mitochondrial activity and the stability of membrane lipids at long term, so spermatozoa arrive at fertilization in optimal conditions.

Spermatozoa have to reach the oocyte, but also be under optimal maturity conditions at the point of fecundation

stress Magapor swine extender

stress Magapor swine extender 2

Stability test   (results at day 10)

Stability tests of extenders under temperature and humidity conditions.

In order to evaluate the effects of temperature and humidity on extenders, samples are stored under different atmospheric conditions:

  • Cold/humidity: ± 5ºC    (blue colour)
  • Room temperature: ± 20ºC   (green colour)
  • Heat/ humidity: ± 37ºC and 80% humidity   (yellow colour)

Results are assessed at 3, 5 and 7 months of storage using a CASA system against a control sample, with absence of significant differences. Our extenders are stable through time under extreme humidity and temperature conditions.

stability semen extender Magapor

Antibacterial effect test

This research assesses the antibacterial effect of Spermax, Duragen and Vitasem and compares it to competitor extenders in real semen doses stored at 15ºC-17ºC, evaluating bacterial growth 48 hours after dilution.

Thanks to continuous improvement and innovation, as well as to the exhaustive study of the functional groups of antibacterial substances, Magapor extenders are formulated with the most effective wide-spectrum antibiotic combinations, always complying with European Directive 90/429/EEC, being able to control bacteria of diverse type.

ANTIBACTERIAL extender Magapor

Parameters analyzed with CASA system:

  • Total motility (TM)
  • Progressive motility (PM)

Parameters analyzed with flow cytometry:

  • Plasmatic membrane viability
  • Acrosome integrity
  • Mitochondrial activity
  • Early apoptosis

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