In Magapor we consolidate our growth with a new line for the manufacture of Semenbag® porcine seminal dose blisters.

This week we have added a new blister production line. In this way, we increase our production capacity to meet the demand of our customers.

At Magapor we are always looking for innovation in the swine reproduction sector, and this new machine will allow us to work with new materials that improve the semen dose packaging of our customers’ boars, contributing to make our sector more sustainable and efficient.

A few years ago, we were already pioneers in the discovery of reprotoxic plastics (RTC) and since then we have been working with materials free of these toxics. Every day we continue to work and innovate to offer the best and most innovative solutions for pig artificial insemination.

International expansion continues to be one of Magapor’s objectives, and the acquisition of this new production line consolidates our commitment to growth.